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We design, create and install event decor that transforms a blank venue canvas into your
ideal environment.

We shape spaces to ensure that they deliver your core event purpose:


     To celebrate a person or company

     Deliver information

     Get people excited

     Transport you to another place

     Embody a brand

or simply bring people together.

Our skills apply to a wide range of events - from conferences to trade stands, anniversaries to corporate cocktail functions, brand activations to awards dinners. We love the variety!

We can design your whole event or customise an individual crucial component. Our designers can recommend technical event providers, or work in seamlessly with your existing team.

Select your event needs below to explore our design approach


I was really impressed by the work you did. It definitely had the aesthetic I was after with the values behind it.

Rosaria Ferguson - E TIPU

Let us

add flavour to your

next event.

Thanks for getting in touch!

P      03 391 0765


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