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make your event

the place

to be.

We create fresh, stylish, sustainable theming & decor to season any event.

Christchurch + South Island + NZ wide


Made here:

Showcasing the best
of Canterbury

How we


We rely on creativity over consumerism, and are proud to feature our local environment, resources and people in our work.

We do this by building event decor locally - drawing on the skills of our talented extended family of artists, makers and builders.

Our designs blend natural materials + sophisticated details to create warm, polished spaces for your guests to enjoy.


We are proud to be a trusted event partner who absolutely delivers.


We dig the challenge of creating spaces that are just-right for your event, and being utterly unflappable while we do it.


Always on the hunt for what's fresh and interesting for next season - we are constantly creating new additions to our collection of event decor, lighting, furniture and styling details.