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your brief.

A complimentary consultation to discuss your event needs, and essentially form a brief that we need to solve.

Let us know as much info as you can about your event,  company, audience, message, and the other elements
we need to work in with.

Process preview

We work to understand your brand, brief and needs as a trusted event partner who absolutely delivers the goods

See below for a taster of how we presented, developed and produced unique event decor for this awards dinner.

The nitty


A few T's,

couple C's + some

answered Q's.

Hire of items

We have carefully built / collected / grown /
sewn our collection of elements to add the right seasoning to your event.

These are chosen for each event with the
total event environment in mind, to minimise
potential damages.

Should these occur we may request
compensation for repair or replacement
of damaged or missing items.

Terms + Conditions of trade


All concepts, floorplans, drawings, photographs remain the property of Season Event Design.. 'cos its our livelihood and they are important to us.

Depending on the scope of your project, we
may request a 50% deposit to ensure all elements are secured and ready in time for your event.

Please give us feedback! We love hearing
what you and your guests thought, what you enjoyed, and what you reckon would be great
for next time.

Unforeseen circumstances

The COVID world has been a challenge for gatherings - we acknowledge that getting social
is a pretty core human need and we are all keen
to get back to getting together like we used to.

We recommend creating spaces for guests who
may have some anxiety at large gatherings to
relax and have quieter time away from the main group.
We offer subtle queuing guides to help
your guests move around safely.

COVID has also created some challenges in supply chains - we endeavour to get around some of this by producing locally wherever possible.


There may be some materials, paints, glues etc
in short supply. Due to this we quote items subject
to availability, and alternatives may be subbed in
as required.

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