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5 Ways to Incorporate Natural Elements into your Event

Bring the vibrancy of nature to your next event and enliven your conference venue, soften your stage or tell a story at your food station.

Live plants are a classic way to introduce an authentic liveliness to your event space. They are ideal for framing or highlighting areas, guiding guests from one space to the next or even as a lush photo backdrop.

Try working with different styles of plants to suit your theme - from glossy tropical jungle effects to sandy tussock varieties to reflect a high country look.

Floral centrepieces are another way to bring organic goodness to your guest experience. A carefully composed floral design can include brand colours, relate to your venue or location, or have personal links to key presenters or VIP guests.

It doesn't have to be too feminine - a clean crisp white + green palette or sculptural vessel and structured floral can suit the most industrial of events.

Featuring natural materials in your furnishings, stage decor, spatial dividers or roof hangings can bring a great range of textures and interest to your space. Various wood grain, bark, stone, leather, pebble and feather materials are great for adding tactile elements.

Give depth to food stations or bar areas by featuring local produce or grains as part of the display. These can illustrate the link between fabulous looking canapes and the region that produced them. Give a gin bar some extra zest with real lemon trees or a mint living wall.

Break up flat areas with patterns: subtle leaf forms, scales, rays, or speckles add curves and warmth to blank spaces. When used as a lighting effect this can be an economical way to cover a large area. Table runners, draping, carpets or printed panels are other areas where pattern can be included.

Treat your guests to a more engaging experience by incorporating more of the living world in your event. Natural doesn't have to mean rustic though! A combination of a slick setting and a bit of the wilderness can create great results.

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