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Sustainable Event Decor Ideas

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Professional, polished conference and trade show decor that aligns with event values.

Direct printing onto eco substrates.

This conference stage decor was formed from the event logo sections shaped to represent the southern alps. These modular shapes were easily moved to suit camera angles and product displays. The logo was direct printed onto a 100% card utilising low VOC green-guard certified inks, and is a biodegradable and recyclable product.

Feature natural materials

Further direct printed elements are showcased in this photo wall - combined with plywood and up-cycled cedar planters. The range of textures provides variety and interest while maintaining a clean, corporate look. Recycled doesn't have to be rustic!

Combine natural with high tech

This honeycomb cardboard goes high-end with clever cutting and LED lighting for a tactile + refined finish. Framing an LED video wall with live plants softens the stage look and creates a natural, less sterile setting for presenters.

Use real things

Yes, your guests will notice if things aren’t real! Why not use the real thing and showcase what is available in your local environment. These food station displays incorporated locally grown ingredients and floral which highlighted the event menu offerings. Slick presentation created a polished, professional finish.

"The level of detail and variety in the catering station decor is outstanding and the photo wall was beautifully simple and effective. And the stage decor really nailed the simple and effective brief as well. Insinuating mountains and ranges using our logo was a great touch”

- Rosaria

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