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Alice in Wonderland Themed Corporate Event

The Brief:

Our client was looking to entertain a diverse range of guests with an Alice in Wonderland theme - while maintaining a corporate, high end finish. They needed a pre function space, main stage, room and table decor sorted to create a fully-themed space.

The Solution:

We created custom graphics and brought these to life through a keyhole entrance feature, suspended giant playing cards, and glowing layered table decor.

A lavish photo backdrop featured edge-lit perspex mushrooms, ornate mirrors, velvet draping, bold patterns and comfy seating options for guests.

The stage area was brought to life with a range of pastel and mirrored bunnies scampering through New Zealand ferns. A touch of neon light brought a futuristic feel and tied in the ‘Energy’ component of the awards.

Click through for the results!

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